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California raised, Jesse Lopez, has come a long way from street corners and open mic nights. "Busking is like performance 101," Says Jesse, "If you really want to learn how to capture someone's attention... try doing it in 10 seconds when you need a shower.."

2019 was Jesse's biggest year yet! With both national TV and Radio exposure, Jesse's EP, "From Start to Finish", has really brought him to the next level of his career. 

Jesse is now playing full time and setting up tours across the country to further his exposure and continue to build upon the momentum created in 2019. 

Way Past Words (Master)Jesse Lopez
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  Jesse is a veteran musician that has been creating and playing his original music nation wide for nearly 15 years. His eclectic experience and influence creates a unique sound that has been capturing attention in Nashville with the release of his debut EP, "From Start to Finish". 


  By age 15, Jesse had dedicated his life to being on stage. Even going through homelessness and alcoholism, Jesse stayed true to his passion and has a great way of sharing his experience on stage through his music. 

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